mb air systems
mb air systems

Air Receivers, unfortunately and unfairly, have been one of the most under rated equipment in a compressed air system.

Virtually in all industrial applications compressed air demand varies. Air storage vessels in a compressed air systems balance the flow of air to the service lines and compressor controls.

It has the following main roles:

· Act as a reservoir that can be called upon to meet intermittent demands that are in excess of the compressor's capacity.
· Create a more stable pressure in the system.
· Prevent the compressor cycling too quickly.
· Precipitates condensate, which may be present in the air.
· Reducing the air velocity through the vessel.

General Purpose Filters:

Filtration is required to remove contaminants from the compressed air. General Purpose Filters are fitted before air dryers and often after an air receiver.

However in carryout its function the filter element will become increasingly blocked which can cause reliability problems, compromising product quality and will increase energy consumptions through increased pressure drops.

Filter elements should be regularly checked as part of a plant maintenance programme and replaced when the pressure differential approaches 0.4 barg or sooner.

A 0.4 barg pressure drop equates to 3% increase in air compressor energy consumption!

Solution:FiltAir-Receiver® (Patent Granted):

FiltAir-Receiver® combines the benefit of air storage and general purpose filtration in one simple solution. The unit is fitted with an integral separator element, which has been used successfully in a rotary screw air compressor's separator tank design for almost 30 years.

The separator element, located at the discharge point of the vessel, is a moulded fibreglass two stage reinforced element. The outer layer of the element having 0.5 micron rating and is designed to remove debris and contaminant from the compressed air as it passes through the element.

Compressed air velocity, including that of contaminants in an air storage vessel, is significantly reduced. The gravity also reduces the contaminant's kinetic energy as approaching the separator element.

This occurrence enables the separation to take place with minimum effort and consequently with almost negligible pressure drop.

FiltAir-Receiver® can easily achieve an energy saving of 3% when compared to a conventional system requiring filter element replacement at an average pressure differential 0.4 barg.

This simple separation results in much longer separator element life. Typically only one element change over a 5 year period will be required.

Furthermore FiltAir-Receiver® can provide additional protection and contaminant separation in an excessive oil carry over situation preventing the need for additional equipment such as oil eliminators.

What it does:
• Provides compressed air storage.
• Significantly reduces the compressed air and contaminant velocity.
• Simplifies contaminant separation.
• Provides downstream compressed air quality similar to general purpose filters.
• Achieves negligible pressure drop across the unit.
• Reduces energy costs.
• Achieves longer separator element life, typically more than 5 times that of a general-purpose filter.
• Reduces maintenance costs.
• Reduces installation costs.
• Reduces disposal costs.
FiltAir-Receiver® reduces your total costs, even the upfront costs! What does it do for your business?
FiltAir-Receiver® increases your profitability.