mb air systems
mb air systems

Industrial air compressors consume 10% of the electrical consumption in the UK, currently, equating to £1 billion pounds per year. This cost is expected to increase annually. Unfortunately, most organisations waste energy through incorrect utilisation and distribution of compressed air system.

Improving compressed air system can easily make average energy savings of 35%. This often can be achieved through added awareness and focus in targeted areas without the need for investment in new plant and equipment.

The establishment of these target areas would very much depend on high quality compressed air audits, data collection, analysis and recommendations.

Our data logging devices facilitate highly accurate data logging, analysis and reporting exercises for air compressor systems. It is capable of monitoring any pressure range and the input power of up to 15 electrically driven air compressors, simultaneously, regardless of their manufacturer or pressure regulation methodology.


A properly conducted audit of your compressed air system provides you with the only sure way to manage the often mysterious workings of your air system.

Benefits of a Compressed Air System Audit

The problems associated with operating a modern compressed air system are fairly complex and often camouflaged to the untrained eye.

At the same time, many companies have cut back the internal resources dedicated to defining and solving those problems.

Thats where a professional Air Audit can help by addressing the total process of producing compressed air... not just the compressors. Its about taking compressed air, looking at it as your fourth utility, and making compressed air as dependable as your electric, water and gas services. Air Audits help plant operators optimise their systems and often result in turning off compressors!

This may sound crazy, but its true. In the past you asked compressor manufacturers, like Ingersoll-Rand, to build the best engineered, most reliable, energy-efficient air compressors in the industry. But in todays global business climate, you needmore than great equipment to survive and thrive.

To drive operational excellence we must go beyond the components of an air system and find solutions to the operating issues every air consumer faces. Your air system problems require total solutions. A professionally conducted Air Audit will help you define system problems, whether they are in demand, distribution or supply, allowing you to develop cost-efficient solutions that meet your return on investment goals.

Control Systems

To control and monitor efficient use of the compressed air system.

Features include:

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Compressed Air Energy & Audits

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