mb air systems
mb air systems

Preventative Maintenance provides the foundation, but predictive maintenance - the ability to identify potential problems before they occur - can save thousands of £ in lost production and downtime. Through fluid, air quality, vibration analysis and Shock Pulse Monitoring and Desiccant Analysis, certified service engineers can perform a full array of diagnostic services.

Fluid Analysis
Benefits include:

• Early detection of machine wear or corrosion
• Identification of fluid contaminants and harmful ingested gases
• Evaluation of lubricant condition and degradation
• Avoidance of catastrophic failure
• Reducing down time, machine overhaul costs, and overtime
• Providing extended drain intervals
• Allows analysis of LUBRICANTS, CONDENSATE, and COOLING WATER using the same kit CCN (only one fluid type can be tested per kit)

Ingersoll-Rand's Fluid Analysis Programme is designed to comprehensively monitor the fluid in the compressor and detect potential problems at the earliest possible opportunity, before they result in system failure. The fluid analysis programme is a very important step in the predictive maintenance program as it can significantly extend the life of an air compressor and its parts.

Each analysis includes a test report that offers you full details on the results of your fluid analysis as well as recommended corrective action that may need to be taken.

Multiple analysis can be taken to allow for future trending. Ingersoll-Rand's fluid analysis program can test any type of fluid from any type of compressor including non-IR machines.

Air Quality Analysis
Benefits include:

• Pinpoints external sources of airborne contamination that may not have been suspected
• Identifies poor air quality that can rapidly deteriorate compressor performance and lead to expensive catastrophic failures.
• "Provides a quantitative measure of the overall corrosion potential of the environment allowing you to take action to protect your compressor and reduce downtime.
• System can be quickly installed by maintenance personnel, reducing downtime expenses.
• Air Quality can be measured minute by minute or on a monthly basis.
• A comprehensive report compares results to ISA standards to quantify the danger to your compressor and recommend a cost effective solution if required.

The Air Quality Analysis Kit is a testing tool used to evaluate the corrosive reactivity of the air entering an air compressor. A comprehensive report is issued detailing the severity of the environment and recommend a cost effective solution if required.

Vibration Monitoring
Benefits include:

• Prevent unexpected downtime by proactively monitoring bearings and other components
• Proactive inexpensive repairs can address potential motor or airend problems before they become expensive catastrophic failures
• Planned bearing replacement can eliminate downtime from undiagnosed failures

The IR30 eliminates the guesswork of determining when replacement of bearings on any rotary compressor is required. Regular trending allows preventative maintenance at the right time.

The Shock Pulse Monitoring Function of the IR30 is used to measure shock waves that have been converted to electrical pulses. Shock pulses are caused by impacts from bearing that have started to deteriorate by things such as the wearing of flat spots, scarring, or other bearing wear. The Vibration Monitoring Function of the IR30 is used to help detect and troubleshoot root cause issues such as rotating imbalances, structural looseness and shaft misalignments.


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