mb air systems
mb air systems

With a wide range of solutions, mb air systems and Ingersoll Rand Hibon fulfil many application needs, for a large variety of markets.

Products reliability is supported by thousands of international references ; HIBON positive displacement blowers, centrifugal blowers are used as universal solutions and are ideally suited for applications in fields as multiple and varied as the following :

water treatment, compressed air conveying, chemicals, parachemistry, pharmaceutical, food and agriculture industries, cement plants, metallurgy, power industry, pulp paper, etc.

Our equipment blows air on the depth of the waste water basin in order to feed yeast with oxygen. Our blowers appear as the lung of the Waste Water Treatment Plant by pushing the air through the diffusers. We adapt our equipment to different needs of flow which could be following cycle or to different pressure which increases along the months. In order to fit your requirement, we can propose you 4 different technologies (positive displacement blower, multistage centrifugal unit, dry screw compressor package or solutions with variable speed). With rich experiences in this application, we will advise you in your choice.

Biological aeration
In the treatment of wastewater, Biological processes are employed and may include biological aeration in activated sludge with positive displacement or centrifugal blowers.

The recovery of BIOGAS, issued from a fermentation process, becomes more and more requested.

Biogas is essentially composed of carbon dioxide and methane, but also of others components like water and hydrogen sulphide.

Owing the concentration of theses, we defined the suitable sealing and coating for the blower and its accessories when it is a package.

Cement works
Major applications are pneumatic conveying, fluidisation, homogeneisation.... Chemical & Petrochemical industries
There is a multitude of applications in the chemical field:
pneumatic conveying of plastic pellets, powder transfer of polyethylene, filtration (soda, carbonate of soda, potassium hydroxide ...), desulfurization (SRU combustion air), gas transfer ...

Truck (Vacuum applications)
High vacuum without water or oil sealing the HIBON SIAV & VTB.XL series are the only dry positive displacement blowers able to reach 28" Hg vacuum / 93% vacuum.

Air injection blowers design eliminates : water/oil cooling, heat exchanger, cleaning of waste water/oil) and then, is the ideal solution for mobile waste handling units, industrial, municipal, wet and dry.

Truck (Dry bulk transfer)
With over a century of experience in manufacturing positive displacement blowers, Ingersoll Rand HIBON, the worldwide leader in Three-Lobe technology, has developed a complete range of heavy-duty industrial units designed specifically for the toughest dry bulk transfer applications.

Mining & Metalurgy
Tailins and Slurry Neutalisation & Gas Transfer

Gas transfer
Gas transfer is a major application of process blowers. Gases are recovered for treatment, elimination or are used in chemical processes. (reactivation gases recycle)
Here are some examples of chemical processes that need gas conveying: acetylene, hydrogen in carbon black manufacturing, electrolysis (weld, ore of bauxite) or mercury processes.
The transfer of gas also takes place in reactor degassing and pipe purging with nitrogen and inert gases, in gases filtration loops with helium, krypton or nitrogen, or in the electrolysis and mercury processes.

The circulating fluidised Bed technique allows to burn highly sulphurated products while respecting a low emission rate of issue of sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the fireplace.
The fluidisation air of the outlet beds, siphons and ashes coolers is supplied by Hibon positive displacement blowers.

SRU Combustion air
Sulfur recovery refers to the conversion of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to elemental sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide is a byproduct of processing natural gas and refining high-sulfur crude oils. The sulphur recovery unit is an essential processing step to allow the overall facility to operate.

As well as many applications in:Food Industry, Paper Mills, Textile Industry, Marine

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